Hi there! I’m so excited to get your brand new website all set up and running! Just fill out this form to let me know how to set your site up. There are just a few things to note before we get started:

  • This does not include the adding or editing of any content.
  • This does not include any design work.
  • If any fields are left blank, the theme’s defaults will be used.
  • I will need to be added as an Admin user on your website. To do this, from your WordPress Dashboard’s left sidebar, click Users > Add New. Set up an account for me to use with the Administrator role and include those login details in the form below. You can delete this account once installation and setup is complete.
  • I have over 10 years of experience with WordPress and your website is safe with me. I will not modify or do anything at all to your website except set up your theme, widgets, and plugins for you and therefore cannot be held responsible for any errors or problems your website may have during or after installation and setup services.
Please include your brand color hex codes (Example: #c190cb) If you are not familiar with this, feel free to use the file upload below to share a screenshot or image of your brand colors. I can also pull colors from your existing website if you have one.

(Optional) Choose up to 2 fonts from Google Fonts and enter their names below.